Industrial Range

Epoxy Enamel

Prodec Epoxy Enamel is a traditionally formulated twin pack epoxy-based, polyamide-cured, long-life, interior, abrasion resistant, high gloss coating for high traffic areas that need an abrasion, water and chemical resistant coating. It is available in a range of colours.

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Bituminous Aluminium

Prodec Bituminous Aluminium is a bitumen-based, long-life, high sheen aluminium coating. It is used for a wide range of substrates and objects which need highly durable, humidity resistant aluminium finish.

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Quick Dry Enamel

Prodec Quick Dry Enamel is a classical modified alkyd based exterior gloss coating for agricultural and commercial equipment/vehicles that need a long lasting, hard and highly washable/scratch resistant coating in a range of colours.

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Paint Stripper

Prodec Paint Stripper is a highly effective paint remover. It removes a range of paint and varnish from a variety of substrates.

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Supergrade Aluminium

Prodec SuperGrade Aluminium is a solvent-based coating. It provides a high gloss, aluminium finish for a wide range of substrates and objects which need a highly durable coating, such as galvanised roof sheeting.

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Road Marking

Prodec Road Marking Paint is a solvent-based, low sheen, road marking finish for bricks, cement, concrete stone and tarmac road surfaces. It is used to protect substrates from abrasion, rain and sun.

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